Make it stop- please

I received a two-node flow from someone to help me check the status of a Z-wave device. I changed the servers in the nodes' configs then deployed.

One of the nodes is the Home Assistant Events State and the other is an MQTT out.
Now I am getting this error every second in debug:

"Home assistant connection failed with error: Connection to home assistant could not be established with config: <password redacted>"

And now it won’t go away, even if I delete the flow and re-deploy. I don't recognize the IP. Any idea where that error is coming from and how can I stop it?


Assuming you deleted the instance of HA sever that was added when the nodes were imported, restarting node-red should clear that error.

It may be a config node - go to menu - configuration nodes
and then double click on any node that has 0 connections/users and delete it - then re-deploy.

Wow, I didn't read about that one. Thanks!

Thanks guys, I appreciate the quick response. But, the error persists.
In Configuration Nodes, the only nodes there are the ones I created plus the Dashboard.


I did restart Node-Red to no effect.

However, I tried shutting down and re-starting the Pi (after all the above steps) and the errors have apparently stopped. I'll know more when I start adding nodes (not from an imported flow).

Thanks again...

Possibly you had not restarted node red as was suggested earlier.

Thanks, I suspect that you are right. This Node-Red is installed through Home Assistant, and I did a restart of Home Assistant from the Config menu- somehow thinking that it was a restart of the Pi. I was wrong. Since I am running HassIO, I still have root access, so a proper reboot will be used from now.