Remove node from Node-red



I'm running node-red (version v0.15.3) in a Multitech Conduit.

I installed two different KNX nodes and on of them (or both) is returning an error:

How can I know why the error is happening?

Otherwise I'm trying to remove both KNX nodes but It keeps the erasing signal forever and never stops:


If I refresh the navigator, the nodes doesn't appears in the search node list, but they keep appearing in the Manage palette, and the error is still appearing.

There's any way to solve it?




You will need to use the command line to uninstall it. If you have a standard installation, change folder to your userDir (normally ~/.node-red) then run the command npm uninstall node-red-contrib-knxjs



Hello! Thanks for your response, but I'm running node-red in a Multitech Conduit and I don't know how to run commands and, if it's possible, how to do it



It's probably worth reading the getting started guides on the Multitech website



try searchig google with running node-red in Multitech Conduit



I have received the next response from Multitech Support team:


  1. Try to ssh into the Conduit and go to: /opt/node-red/ folder and issue the command:
    npm uninstall xxxx (xxxx is the package that you have installed)
    /etc/init.d/node-red restart <--Restart the
  1. Issue the command: tail -f /var/log/app/node-red.log
  1. Otherwise, try to factory default the unit, go to - Administrator -> Save/Restore -> Reset to Factory Default setting. And see if it helps ?

I've chosen the third option because I just started the Multitech setup and it's not a lot of work to start over with a clean device.

I installed only the correct knx node (node-red-contrib-knx) and doesn't appears the previous error.

BUT I configured the next flow:

    "id": "baf5dcdf.53c49",
    "type": "knx-out",
    "z": "2d6ee648.2ac8fa",
    "name": "",
    "controller": "eb68d2f9.fbde3",
    "x": 1065.0999755859375,
    "y": 226.20001220703125,
    "wires": []
    "id": "1c33369c.3fed59",
    "type": "inject",
    "z": "2d6ee648.2ac8fa",
    "name": "",
    "topic": "write",
    "payload": "{\"dstgad\":\"1/1/27\",\"value\":\"9\",\"dpt\":\"5\"}",
    "payloadType": "json",
    "repeat": "",
    "crontab": "",
    "once": false,
    "x": 798.1000366210938,
    "y": 223.60000610351562,
    "wires": [
    "id": "eb68d2f9.fbde3",
    "type": "knx-controller",
    "z": "",
    "name": "Logic Machine",
    "host": "",
    "port": "3671",
    "mode": "tunnel/unicast"


I deploy the flow correctly but when I execute the inject node I have the next error: "Error: node not deployed"

This error only appears in the node-red (v0.15.3) I'm running on the multitech conduit, but the same flow in a node-red (v0.19.4) I'm running localy in my PC it's working well and the KNX device receives the value correctly.



So it seens you need to ask Mulitech Support how to upgrade Node-RED on the Conduit.



Before you do that. Do the option 1 and 2 to see the log and see if there any more errors in there.

The version of node on the conduit is old and I don’t think it can support newer versions of Node-RED (yet).



I didn't do the option 1 because I did a reset to factory, then I don't need to uninstall the knx package.

Option 2: I issued the command "tail -f /var/log/app/node-red.log" and returns:

27 Nov 19:37:57 - [info] Stopping flows
27 Nov 19:37:57 - [info] Stopped flows
27 Nov 19:37:57 - [info] Waiting for missing types to be registered:
27 Nov 19:37:57 - [info]  - knx-controller
27 Nov 19:37:57 - [info]  - knx-out
27 Nov 19:38:15 - [info] Stopping flows
27 Nov 19:38:15 - [info] Stopped flows
27 Nov 19:38:15 - [info] Waiting for missing types to be registered:
27 Nov 19:38:15 - [info]  - knx-controller
27 Nov 19:38:15 - [info]  - knx-out


In addition... I detected the next

When I deploy the flow I receive the next message ande when I click on it shows the knx controller node:

In the node red installed localy the KNX node appears as connected, but not in the Conduit node-red:


Why could be the reason that the node is not connecting from the conduit node-red but otherwise it is connecting well in the node red I’m running localy in my PC?



More info...

Today, without touching anything, node-red returns the next error:

I did again a npm install .

Then I restart de node-red and then the log command:



That version of node-red is very old, but if nodejs is actually at version 0.10.48... well that is positively ancient! You will not be able to run a very stable install with those versions. Unfortunately, most of us have no experience with the hardware you are using, so you may have a tough road trying to upgrade everything...



DO NOT try to upgrade it... you will break more than you fix.

You can see from that log that there is actually an error in that node... - so please try to raise an issue on the node's project page (with a copy of the error) -



But I don't think it's an error in the node -- it looks like that binary AND syntax is not valid in the old version of nodejs?

var exponent = (apdu[2] & 0b01111000) >> 3;

which should be valid syntax. Not sure how developers are supposed to make their code work with such old versions of the language...




Unfortunately, due to the Conduit hardware, the max Node-Red version and Node.js version that the Conduit can take is:

Node-red: v0.15.3

Node.js: v0.10.48

According to this link:

The requirement is:

Node.js v4.5.0 and above
Node-RED v0.12.0 and above

I'm going to try with another knx node:



the node-red-contrib-knxjs doesn't works. I think it couldn't be possible to use knx protocol in this case.