Replies to specific posts not showing as such

The forum used to show an icon/link pointing torwards the post replied to but its been missing for a while.

Is it just my setup or is it a forum bug/mis-configuration?

Simon Ive noticed if you reply to the last comment, it looks like you did a thread reply (I guess as it's next comment in the thread, it is implied you are replying to the comment immediately above) however, if you reply to a message further back, it does the "icon/link" thing.

But in short, it also happens to me on mobile and pc. Has been this way for several months (I think)

Perhaps it is a new setting or a new feature in the forum software?

Lets try that - so this is a reply to your 1st post - try replying to my 1st post and lets see if icon appears

(testing) Reply to your first post.

Now I'm confused.

Perhaps as there are only 2 of us in the thread is doesn't bother! ?!?

Damn. This reply to your 2nd post has the icon) link

Now I'm confused more.

This is a repy to your 1st post

And now they've started appearing!

This is a reply to the last comment...

Edit - a next reply doesn't have the icon/link

This is a reply to your 1st post

Could you be explicit in what post you were replying to?

[edit This doesn't have the link since I clicked on the Quote option - obs doesn't need it because the quote identifies the source post]

So just like this comment, I replied to the very last comment in the thread.

It is my guess this will NOT have the icon/link.

Can you reply to this comment Simon?

Here is my reply to your last post

So I see no icon)link but I did get a notification you replied.


Well hopefully we've covered all scenarios - ta for help :slight_smile:

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This has been confusing me as well. I don't know if this thread made any more sense to it though. Was there a pattern that I missed?

I think the pattern is that replying to last post doesn't show an icon but replying to previous posts does.

Which doesn't help when your trying to work out if a poster is making a general comment or specifically replying to the last poster