Help Please , my last Post catch the system

oh my god,
i write a post and now i get this message

Akismet has temporarily hidden your post

if is possible anybody can show about my last post, and maybe can help to make him online?

Kind regards


aaah, okay i get a mail already... anybody check my posting

Not seeing anything in my moderators Q so I guess someone has already kicked it free. Akismet is a bit too enthusiastic sometimes. :slight_smile:

Is okay and i get the mail already... i see, is online now...
and go very fast... Thanks a lot for the Moderators...

And thanks too again to you... your code what you post helps me a lot... now works fine and i understood more and more about the worling HA, mqtt, Node-Red and ESP's...
but i have a next question to... haha...
but i learn and I'll buy a book node-red soon too because this system is perfectly and make it very fast to create some connections

Best regards

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