Change in getting Latest posts

I used to just click on the NR Logo to get back to a list of latest posts but I now have to click on it and then select Latest

Did someone accidentally change some setting?

I noticed that, too. I thought I messed something in my browser.

Actually, looks like something was changed

If you want to keep the 'latest' view as your default view, you can change that in user preferences:


Nick has changed the defaults to try to help stop getting so many wrongly categorised posts. You can change your personal settings in your profile, just go to the "Interface" tab.


Unfortunately that's only partially the case. That setting affects where you land when you come to the forum. What @cymplecy talks about is when you're done reading a thread, scrolled all the way to the bottom, it used to be that one could just click the NR logo in the header to get back to the list of latest posts. Now it goes to the list of categories. I'm missing that functionality too. Dunno which way is better...

I've changed my personal settings in my profile and I'm back to the way it was originally

Working for me :slight_smile:


You're right, I swear I had that as my setting already, but I guess I was wrong :roll_eyes:. Thanks for pointing it out.

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