What's just happened with the notifications?

They seem to have changed from what I remember them being a few hours ago.

How I am seeing a whole list of things in a different structure than what it used to be.


Ok, so I then click on the LIKES and get this:

How do I know the ones I haven't seen?
Likewise with the messages.

The sidebar on the dropdown is VERY confusing and I'm learning to ignore it. The main list is still the same though. Unread posts that you are following or that tagged you are still shown highlighted until you have read them.

But hasn't the structure changed?

It didn't used to have the side bit with the flags of what type of notification you have....

Only the side-bit changed. You can now filter the dropdown using the sidebar but the default display is still everything. So it hasn't really changed other than the filter options at the side. Oh, and you have a "dismiss" button at the bottom now too.


Yeah, I resigned myself to pressing it to clear the unread replies and missed likes notifications.

I try to read replies and likes. Out of respect that someone has replied or liked something I said, etc.
Least I should do.
But when I see 2 missed likes and I think it was 8 missed replies: kinda did my head in.
They are now dismissed.

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