RevolutionPi Nodes

Hello All.
After a pretty extensive setup for the revolution pi connect with 1 DO module and 1 DI module
I finally have the unit up and running but cannot get the offical revolution pi nodes installed. I have them installed through the pallette manager and also through npm install. when I check my installed nodes it is saying installed but the nodes are not visible in the nodes selection pan.
When I restart node red I get a drop down error with: "failed to load 'node-red-contrib-revpi-nodes/revpi-nodes' syntaxerror: unexpected token '>'.
My versions are nodered = v0.20.7
Node.js = v8.11.1
npm = v6.14.5
Any help would be fantastic.

Looks like this issue has already been raised on their support forums

Simon, is that the same issue? The error seen here is different than the one linked, but the one linked is quite a big issue too :confused:

I didn't read it in depth - but since they have their own support forum, I thought the OP would probably be better served over there

I will post it to the Kunbus RevPi forum also. The issue i feel is different then the one you diected me to @cymplecy, but hopefully a solution can be obtained between this and the Kunbus forum.

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