Router on a stick

Has anyone tried to create a router on a stick using NR? For reference:

a router on a stick, also known as a one-armed router, is a router that has a single physical or logical connection to a network. It is a method of inter-VLAN (virtual local area networks) routing where one router is connected to a switch via a single cable.

Assuming that you mean a network layer router. I don't think that would work very well since node.js really isn't the right kind of tool for routing network traffic. It would add too much latency and variability and probably wouldn't provide much throughput.

You would get a better result from a bare Pi running a suitable OS.

I have a device that is battery powered and solar charged. I am in Minnesota and the plethora of gray days is causing me power issues.

I am in the process of reconfiguring the components that I am using in order to minimize the power drain.

I am currently using a cellular modem/router, a jetson nano (for the application use case), a small switch, and an ip camera.

My hope is to get down to just the jetson nano (and its accompanying cellular modem), and the ip camera. So I would want to plug the ip camera directly into the jetson nano's ethernet port and be able to get to the camera as well as the jetson through the jetson nano's cellular connection. I currently have access to the jetson nano through its cellular modem. My ultimate goal is to get access to the camera through the jetson nano's cellular modem as well.

OK, but that isn't 1-armed. You have 2 network interfaces, the Jetson's ethernet and its celular interface. So it is a standard routing scenario except that you want to connect the camera without the switch.

To use ethernet without a switch may require the Jetson to support auto-crossover or may need an ethernet crossover cable.

There is some information about routing between interfaces on Linux in this QA:

networking - How to route between interfaces - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Hopefully it will give you at least a starting point. No Node-RED's were harmed in the making of this router :wink:

you are right. I did a swictharoo on you. I was going to use a stand-alone cellular-to-ethernet modem. But decided using the jetson modem would end up being easier.

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