Rpi camera live stream and shoot photo

I guess that i am not the first playing around with it but cannot find any solution on google.
What i can find is how to create a livestream https://randomnerdtutorials.com/video-streaming-with-raspberry-pi-camera/?unapproved=412347&moderation-hash=8414a072f40dc5f393753f13300b8d26#comment-412347

and shooting a photo is easy with sudo raspistill -o image.jpg
or with the "take photo node"

But is not working at the same time, because you can only connect 1 time to the camera.
Any one an idea or made a solution to do this?

Just brainstorming here, how about setting up the livestream and use node-red to connect to that livestream and following your flow take snapshots from it when requested?

i have the livestream in NR with a template node. that works :wink:
but how do i take that snap shot then...