Rpi gpio module "not available"

I am following the get started project but the LED will not light. on no voltage with a meter.The output module indicates "not available"
Please help

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Show us a screenshot of the configuration of that node. You can paste the image here.

some quick background questions
1 - what platform are you running on (I assume it is a Pi, but want to confirm)
2 - what GPIO pin are you using?
3 - is the pin set as input or output?
4 - is the LED in your circuit the correct direction?

Greetings, first post here as I found this by asking the same question.

I'm running on a RPi4 with NodeRed running in a Docker container. I'm just using 2 inject nodes set as numeric for 1 & 0. rpi-gpio node is set on Pin 7 for Digital Output on which I have a multi-meter at the moment. It's reading just over 3 volts. I'm aware the docs say I can use a string as the payload but I changed to numeric when it didn't work with no joy.

By the way I can control the GPIOs from command line.

Hope someone recognises what could be the issue.

Thank you

Hi @thierryd welcome to the forum. Are you seeing the same "not available" as in the original question here? If not then it isn't the same problem so it would be better to start a new thread. If you haven't already done it then first have a look at the node red docs for running with docker, particularly the section on using th gpio. https://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/docker
Unless you have a specific reason for using docker then you might be better not to. In which case again check the getting started docs for how to install on a pi.

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Thanks for the reply @Colin
It was definitely the exact error response using the rpi-gpio node. I had used the pi gpiod node as well which is suggested in the link you sent, but that didn't work using the daemon in the pi. However running pi gpiod in a docker container does work! So thank you for pointing me to this link

OK, I wonder whether that was @marconi's problem too. Unfortunately he/she did not have the courtesy to reply.

Always a possibility

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