Safari doesn't show every setting in property Editor


I wonder if someone else sees this problem:
When I open up the properties of any nodes, Safari doesn't show every settings that I set up before.

Looks like this. The first time I open up the properties:

and the second time I open it up:

In this particular case it doesn't show the "action"...

When I use Firefox, everything shows up right.

My Mac uses Ventura 13.3.1 / Safari Version 16.4 (18615. (with content blocker disabled) (all new), and Node-RED is Version 3.0.2 with Node.js Version 19.9.0 on top of a dietpi system.

Do you have any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @FloRu - Welcome to the forums.

I can confirm the same behaviour (Safari).
Are you able to log an issue in Github?

any non-safari users?

Apr-11-2023 18-21-46

Thanks Marcus for your reply and your confirmation.

I logged an issue... here

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Safari is the new IE :joy:

Do you see any errors in the browsers console?

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IE :face_vomiting:

I was happy to know Edge is now using the same webkit engine (I think right?), but can't bring myself to use it.

But nope - Console is empty

In Safari I can see a 404:

[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) (, line 0)

and it's the URL:

That can be ignored - it's normal (for most .map files)
its for debugging purposes

I think webkit browsers try to load them when the debugging consoles are open - safe to ignore

Try downgrading to node.js v18

The version of node.js being used is irrelevant to the behaviour in the editor.

We have an open issue for this now. It appears to be easily recreated.

If anyone has anything material to add, please do so on the issue. But at this point, it just needs debugging and fixing.

Does anyone have Safari v16.0 ~ 16.3

There is a working theory in the GitHub issue that Safari 16.4 may have unearthed this issue.


Confirmed. Safari 16.4 is the reason. Thanks everyone, this will greatly help us focus in on the issue and understand the problem.

The GitHub issue seems to have been closed.

It appears that the issue has been fixed in macOS 13.4, Safari version 16.5.

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Yes - now seems fixed to me. (on Safari 16.5)

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No, Edge uses Chromium which uses the same engine as Chrome and various other browsers. Though browsers on iOS have to use webkit. Chromium uses Blink which was a fork of webkit but is generally more current with web standards.

Edge has some excellent features, especially if you use other Microsoft cloud services. And it has the major advantage of not sending all your data to Google (though it does send some data to Microsoft of course - but Microsoft's main revenue does not come from advertising like Googles does).

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