Samsung TV node KEY_CUSTOM

I have been using the excellent node-red-contrib-samsungTV. I note the presence of KEY_CUSTOM in the list of commands. Can anyone explain whether this works to send a custom key and if so how. For example KEY_ENTER and KEY_EXIT are missing. I can manually edit the flows to include these, and this works but is then invisible in the GUI editing.

I suggest you ask the person who wrote it:


If it the one of which I am thinking.

DOH - checked help in the gui - simple, leave command empty and pass values as msg.command - works with KEY_ENTER and KEY_EXIT.

I do have issues with HDMI input selection. KEY_HDMI gives HDMI2 while KEY_HDMI1 to KEY_HDMI4 do nothing (the result is given as "success" no error message).

You are ahead of me with that.

But I would do it the other way and say:

input select then left/right to select the desired input.

So what exactly do you mean with the KEY_CUSTOM and how it works?

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