Scrolling buttons with multiple tabs - what's supposed to happen

For unknown reasons Firefox is giving me grief the past few days.

Question for NR:
Say I have.... 20 tabs on a machine.
I am at one end of the list and want to scroll.
What is supposed to happen if I press and hold the > or < at either end of the tab lists?
Are they supposed to scroll, or do I have to keep clicking the button to keep them scrolling?

(Typically after I posted it the buttons seem to be working. But I would still appreciate someone confirming what is supposed to happen)

On my versions of NR (v2.1.3 and v3.0.0-beta2) the tabs scroll rapidly.
If I just 'click' the < or > buttons, then it moves the tabs along by TWO places (left or right).

Should say... that's with Firefox version 102, running on a PC.

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Thanks Dave.

Thing is I am seeing weird things happening.

This time: using the < and > (press and hold) buttons it scrolls the tabs about 2 or 3 in that direction.
But when I posted it originally - well just after posting - pressing (and holding) those buttons the tabs scroll fast.


And again: after posting this, when I hold them down the tabs scroll constantly.

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