Scrolling text - no refresh

won't be easy, but I try to explain ....

I have in my dashboard one scrolling list
(Scrolling Text box on dashboard?)

Work fine, you can see the inject node, debug and dashboard ...



In another dashboard tab I have a button for other functions and I have a link node to send to the list a string (TEXT X).

In debug you can see the payload with TEST X (in the list) but in dashboard I have not this value.



I can see TEXT X only if I send a new value from one inject node, as you can see
in the following image.


it's like in this case there is not the refresh of the list while
if I use the inject node I have the refresh immediately ....

Can you help me?

Really no idea? :disappointed_relieved:

Well, you haven't provided:

  • an example flow
  • explained what version of NR and node.js and dashboard your are using
  • what device you are using
  • what contrib nodes (if any) you are using.

A general approach to force a page refresh is using the ui_control node. As explained in the help session of the node:

Sending a blank tab name "" will refresh the current page

Now, a more comprehensive reply would require you to share the information that @zenofmud mentioned (at least the example flow).

Every day I read post where few indications are given but there are many answers;
I've written a lot, insert images, link, but this time it is not enough ....

Ok, no problem;
Thank you anyway, I'll get help elsewhere....

you also want my shoe size?

Well I can tell you don't want my help and there are many others I can give my time to. bye.


I was advised to replace the link node with mqtt node to send the values to the scrolling text and now I have always the refresh .....

Thank you anyway, have a nice day .....