[Searching] STT - "Alexa like" solution for Node Red

Well, another year has nearly passed and I still have not solution for voice controlling my home automation system / Node Red. Hell I spend so much time for trying out solutions and non of them worked for me. Maybe you know something I don t or have any working solutions ?

Here is what I was searching for:

Must haves:

  • German STT
  • Own hot word
  • No monthly fees to spend
  • Filter for background noises

Should haves:

  • API to get sound files / streams form decentral devices like PI Zero W or mobil phone
  • Docker support
  • Easy installation

Nice to haves:

  • Local recognition (non cloud)

I tried and gave up:

Raspberry Pi 4 -> Coqui v0.9 (best so far):

  • no hot word support
  • bad and old language model
  • fails on small background noises
  • node red plugins / implementations outdated

Raspberry Pi 4 -> Voice2Json:

  • only self trained phrases / no full STT
  • some technical problems I could not solve
  • node red plugins / implementations outdated
  • project seems to get no more updates

WSL2 / Docker -> Rhasspy:

  • only self trained phrases / no full STT
  • could not get it to work with Docker (sound recording)
  • phrases definition outside node red

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