Send command to MPPT Solar charger on VE.DIRECT

I am having some problems using the node-red inject node to turn no/off my Blue Solar mppt 150/70 - tr - it all worked fine with can bus and mod bus through the venus gx but am trying to control direct from the raspberry pi node-red flow. My problem is getting the correct payload message to inject up the serial link - From the VE.DIRECT Protocol Blue and smart solar MPPT Chargers document (quite difficult for me to understand) I can see that register 0x0202 bit 1 needs to be set to 1 to enable remote control and register 0x0200 needs to be 4 for off and 1 for on - I just need to know the payload type and exact messages please - many thanks in advance

I have now bee able to turn the solar charger off on the serial link
the inject string is ["0x3A","0x38","0x30","0x30","0x30","0x32","0x30","0x30","0x30","0x34","0x34","0x37","0x0A"]
still having a problem workin out the string for register 202 to enable remote control and the solar turn on string so some help would be appreciated please - thanks

All solved now thanks

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Glad to hear that you solved it.

Another approach is to load Venus GX software onto a raspberry Pi and then use the node red library for Victron to control your installation. Run the same software as they have on the $500.00 CCGX...

Thanks Freds - thought about that initially but decided to stick with what I knew. I have 3 non victron products on the same flow and had already got all that working as well as with 2 different victron chargers and a venus along with a battery on a can bus to the raspi via modbus. . Just about got it working on a new project with just a battery and victron charger with the raspi running node-red - now experimenting which is the best raspi to use along with node-red. Thanks again

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