Send CSV file from Rockwell HMI Optix

Hello, I am new here. I am programming Rockwell HMI Optix, which has a Linux-based OS. I can't access the Linux interface from the HMI. I have created logic that generates a CSV file for the report I've created. I want to send the file to either my server or PC. The HMI supports OPC UA, but my problem is that I am limited to where I can save the CSV file on the panel and can't use Windows addresses. Is there a way to create an OPC UA folder and pull the data through Node-RED into my PC or server, or do you have any other solutions?

I am not familiar with "Optix" but a quick search reveals you can do MQTT - that greatly simplifies things.

REF: Configure an application as an MQTT client


I assume behind the HMI is a PLC (where the data is coming from). If yes, then the (arguably) better solution is to connect Node-RED to the PLC, collect the data, write it to where it needs to go - bypassing CSV altogether if possible (CSV is a poor, non extensible format data exchange format)

Is it possible to send file with MQTT? like making a folder in node red, the alternative solution wont work because i have alread local variable from the hmi combined with the plc tags

That doesn't really make sense. PLCs are capable of multiple connections.

If you can read the file, you can send it (it's just a string after all).

If you go down with "better" solution, all of this becomes moot anyway.

I've already built the logic in the panel. I need to have the recipe CSV file from the panel, not from the PLC. There is a certain event where they want to save a CSV, and the only way to build a recipe and CSV for this purpose is through this panel.