Send data to node red via gsm module and arduino

hello Community, I am a beginner in the field of iot I need to carry out a project which requires an external expansion so I need to initiate a gprs connection to send the information taken by the sensors connected with the arduino to node red interfaces, whatever advice or direction.
thanks in advance

Do you mean that you have some IoT devices that will have GSM modules and you want to send data over that to a central Node-RED server?

exactly, i'm going to build a small station for collecting some data and i should send this data via gsm module to node red

I would generally suggest using some kind of private VPN to create a secure connection from your device to your central server. However, this does come with the caveat that you need to secure the device. You will find another extensive discussion about VPN security in the recent forum posts. At the central end, you should aim to have some additional security (a firewall perhaps) between the incoming VPN and the rest of your network. Just in case the remote end ever gets compromised. However, you should note that not all IoT devices are powerful enough to run one end of a VPN connection.

I goes without saying that the remote device should never use default accounts or passwords and should be remotely maintained with regular software/firmware updates.

Another approach, if the data is low value, would be an Internet-facing MQTT server or an Internet-facing REST API server (depending on how you intend to send data from the device). In that case, you should secure the server in the usual fashion of these things (get professional help and testing for that) and you will need to set up a certificate for TLS security. You can then link that internet-facing server to your more secure central server.

In either case, the cheapest IoT devices will not have the capability to handle certificate-based security. However, an ESP32 or equivalent can. Any industrial IoT device should be capable - if it isn't, don't use it. Also make sure that any industrial unit has a well defined firmware update lifecycle covering the full life expectancy of your service and that any/all id's and passwords can be changed by you.

Oh, I forgot the other possible method. Get the device to talk to a secure messaging service such as Telegram. This is only really useful if the amount of data is fairly small and you aren't too bothered about speed. But there are libraries available so it is another option.

really thanks for the time you spend answering my questions and the methods you suggest, i did some research and found the mqtt protocol that meets my needs.
A big thanks to you

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