Send email error: ECCONREFUSED

Hello everybody,
I am trying to send an email but it gives me an error. I have tried the following possible solutions:

  • Different accounts
  • Changing the password (I read somwhere that if it's longer than 8 character could give you errors...)
  • Changing the port (465 or 587) for Gmail.
  • Activate non secure applications permission on Gmail
  • Activate POP/IMAP options


I have read that the problem could be because of the firewall, also...

What else can I do?

Thanks in advance

You probably need to use an application password for gmail - see their docs here -

I am able to receive and read emails through Node Red from the same gmail account. I don't think the problem is on the password.

The error ECCONREFUSED, refers only about the password?
Could be something about firewall?

Thanks in advance

I use the email node 1.3.0 and do not have any issues, although my configuration options are slightly different ..

.. looking in the pallete there does seem to be a new version released 1.6.2 , ( which i’m not using ) so that could be related, if you’re on the latest one.


I tried to upgrade Node-Red to the last version and the install the email library (since up to 0.19 you have to do it manually). The problem was to upgrade the node-js version. I was not able to get v.8. I got error all time

Finally I installed node-red-contrib-email-out and now I'm able to send and receive email through Gmail and also Outlook 365. In both cases I'm using port 25 and the option "Secure connection" not checked.