Send two 1's in quick succession

Hi Chaps
I have a flow to turn my Sony TV on and off using the contrib-bravia nodes but for some reason the turn off instruction requires two pulses (i.e. two 1's) to be sent before the TV actually turns off. All the other instruction (change input, turn on etc) only require one pulse. As a work around I'm trying to come up with a simple way to send two output pulses (two 1's) when a dashboard button is pressed. I've looked at dceejay's suggestion here:

but his flow sends one's and zero's, I need to output two 1's. I've tried fiddling with the code in the function node but I'm afraid I'm a bit lost.

Any chance of a few pointers, thanks.

use a trigger node set to send existing msg object then original msg object

set the delay as required

Trigger node! Just the tool I needed. I had scanned through the nodes but missed this one.
Thanks 99.

No problem can you mark as solution if this solves your issue ?

Of course.

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