Sending two values using ng-click=send()

I have a table cell set up to send back a value when its clicked. Ideally i would like to get it to send back two values in the payload.

<td ng-click="send({payload: device.deviceName, level:device.object.alertLevel})">{{device.object.alertLevel}}</td>

It seems I can send one or the other but not both. Is there a way to do this?

You can do it (I'll demonstrate below) but whats wrong with simple adding more properties to the payload?

Alt solution (put this in your ui_template)...

            <button ng-click="send2('hello', 'goodbye')">click me</button>

    var $scope = this.scope;
    this.scope.send2 = function(payload1, payload2) { 


  • you are using ui_template to make your table (you didn't say)
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hi @Steve-Mcl
yes I am using ui_template to create the table, sorry for not mentioning that.

The table is being created by ng-repeat so I would need to set ng-click="send2('hello', 'goodbye')" using "device.deviceName" and "device.object.alertLevel"

I think i have found the way to pass this information

<td ng-click="send({payload: {deviceName: device.deviceName, aLvl: device.object.alertLevel}})">{{device.object.alertLevel}}</td>

adding the ineer curly brackets seems to allow it to work.

<td><button ng-click="send({payload: {deviceName: device.deviceName, aLvl: device.object.alertLevel}})">click me</button></td>

Using a button inside the table seems to work this way as well.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: The table looks a lot nicer with buttons in it rather than just having a cell to click.

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