Sequent microsystems relay hat

Hi everyone,

I am considering node-red to control some relays ( attached to a raspi to provide a browser based UI.

I have an awful lot to learn, so I wonder if there is an existing project that uses i2c is available that I can look at for inspiration?


Have you done a forum search using i2c as the search term?

Do you particularly want to use that card? There are others that connect direct to GPIO lines that are very easy to interface with, but have the disadvantage of a much more limited number of relays and other devices that can be attached. If you only need eight, however, then I suggest considering one of those.

Thanks Colin - yes I need at least 16 relays for my basic automation project, and when I get greedy will want more, so this card seems to be just the ticket!


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8relay flow.txt (32.6 KB)

please find attached my 8relay flow. Can easily be extended to more than 8 relays.
In order to use the flow please install program from Sequent microsystem github.

Thanks so much. I did get my own version working, but yours is much more integrated!

so much to learn!
Best wishes

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