Setting this.credentials.someKey = undefined has no affect

I have some very specific value handling (I am migrating a sizeable project to Typescript)
I am using a configuration node for most of my configuration.

In this config, I have some value manipulation on the oneditsave handler, that handles the UI element if the value is < 1 in length (my UI elements do not follow the naming convention)

I therefor handle them my self (as I need to use undefined)

All this works well!

Apart from those properties that are attached to credentials
setting these to undefined has no affect - I instead need to set them as a space ' ' - for Node RED to render them as undefined

for sake of clarity is this by design or am I missing something?
if that is to be expected. - then cool, just want to make sure I understand this requirement to clear them out.

I'm not sure we've ever had to handle that precise scenarios before, so I wouldn't say the current behaviour is "intended"... but if that is what works for you...

Can you raise an issue with details as it sounds like we should be doing better.

Thanks @knolleary

I will get it raised soon.
I'll let the new year begin first :wink:

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