Setting up this dashboard (NR/Mosquitto/web page)


A search has revealed a couple of similar requests mostly linked to the NR dashboard.

I wish to develop the below architecture for displaying data from sensors, I have the plc, rpi and mosquitto comms setup, I just need some peoples thoughts on the options available to display the data from the broker to a dashboard, it needs to be accessible through the internet, needs to be secure.

Any experiences?

That is what Node-RED is for. Add MQTT-in nodes, format the data if needed then pass to your Dashboard.

Well, this is a complex question but LOTs has already been written on the subject and there is no need to repeat it here.


Apologies when I said dashboard I was refering to a html/css web page dashboard opposed to the /ui.

Indeed there has been alot wrote about the subject, no need to repeat. I agree.

However, I would be interested to hear from anyone with recent experience of a similar project..


If you want to directly access your MQTT broker from a non-Node-RED web page, you will need to configure the broker to allow websocket connections. Then you can use a browser-based MQTT library.

Of course, all of the usual security caveats apply including some extra ones for securing websockets.

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