Sharing node RED project to client

Is there a way to provide an easy installation for a client, like normal SW installation? For a client that does not want to know anything about node RED just use the application.

It is ok that the code is there and available if someone wants to modify etc. but the installation and taking into use should be easy.

For our aplication there is still the problem that serial port can not be selected from dashboard, but othervice it is looking pretty good.

Have you considered using Docker. It will be trivial to package up the application into a Docker image - there is great documentation Node-red Docker

Your client will simply need to have Docker installed and run the image. If you don’t have Docker knowledge it might seem daunting to start with but honestly it will make the task pretty simple

Hope this helps

Or you could wrap it into an electron app that deploys like any other app and can hide the flow completely.

Thanks, I must look into the electron app, It sounds like the solution I am looking, just ot have one click instaalation that takes care of everything.

The problem, then still remainds that should find some way for the client to select the serial port form dashboard.