Should the double exclamation mark for imported configuration disapper after deploy?

When I import a flow with a Configuration node that already exists, a new configuration is added to the Configuration Nodes tab. It ends with '!!', which seems to be expected behavior based on my code review.

However, the '!!' suffix remains on the configuration node even after clicking the Deploy button. It's only removed after refreshing the page.

Should the '!!' be automatically removed when the configuration is deployed, or is this the expected behavior? I want to confirm this before creating an issue on GitHub.

This are the images during import and configuration window



hi, please provide a super simple reproducible demo.

I expect there will be 2 super simple flows (perhaps even just 1 node to which this config points at).

  1. flow 1 should be the before state
  2. flow 2 should be what you import
  3. step by step instructions (i.e. did you click "replace", order of events etc).
  4. If your demo includes any non core nodes, include the full name of the contrib node used

NOTE: I removed the dashboard tag and moved this to Core Development since it looks like any kind of node might have this "bug".


Sure, the test is simple i attached a flow that can be used as flow 1 and flow 2 using mqtt in node (since it's one of the out of the box nodes that have configuration section)

  1. Import the flow which would add a configuration node and mqtt with a debug node very simple.
  2. Deploy and refresh the page
  3. Import the Flow one more time
  4. Click View nodes
  5. check on the configuration node (no check on replace)
  6. Click on Import selected
  7. Check the configuration nodes tab
  8. you should see 2 configurations (1 from first import and 1 from second)
  9. the second one would have '!!' in the end (which is expected from my code review)
  10. Click Deploy, the '!!' will still be there but will be removed when refresh

flows.json (1.6 KB)

Confirmed, I'm going to push a fix :wink:

PS: The "!!" means that the config node has changed.

I'd forgotten we did that.

I did make a start on adding proper change icons to the config node sidebar, but it opened a can of worms I decided to step away from this close to 4.0....

Sorry, I did'nt understand everything :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Did you want to add some sort of badge (or other) but forgot that this indication existed?

Ultimately, the nodes should have the same blue dot as we use in the workspace. The !! change was a quick hack to do something - but there is no hint to the user what it means and is entirely inconsistent.

Your fix for the immediate issue is welcome for 4.0. After 4.0 we can look at adding a proper change indicator to the nodes.

This makes me think that there is also the error badge for the config node.

The badge exists but node.valid is not updated.

@GogoVega yes. I mentioned in my post about the can of worms I opened. I don't know if that translates - but basically, yes, there's a bunch of internal state in the editor that we track for flow nodes that we don't track for config nodes which is needed to properly manage the change/error icons for the config nodes. I started working through it, but put it on pause as it needed more than I was expecting and that I had time for.

Thanks for the fix everyone.