Show / hide groups with spaces in groupname

Showing and hiding groups is working well for me, but I have an issue when there is one or more spaces in the groupname. I have overcome this temporarily with adding an underscore in the groupname instead of a space. Is there a way to leave the space in the group name and keep the showing and hiding working?

Have you tried leaving spaces in names , but adding underscores when referencing the name?

@E1cid .Like I said, it doesn't seem to be working with spaces in the group name. So I replaced the spaces in the group name with underscores. But that doesn't look very nice in the menu of the dashboard.

@E1cid , I am sorry, I didn't got your answer the first time.Yes, indeed, it is working, leaving the spaces in the group name and referencing the name with underscores. Thanks very much.

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