showLabel: false - how to use it?

Hi There,

I was playing around with the showlabel: false flag and wondering whether it works outside of the link nodes?

At least those nodes to which I added the flag still had a label. I was hoping to have a "mini" node in the editor.

I think:

if (n._def.category != "config" || n.type === 'junction') {}

But I have very strange behavior - I think there is a bug behind it

Do you mean this kind of mini node?

That's using each node's config to set Label: hide, which shows up in flows.json as "l": false.

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Exactamundo :+1:

I saw that 'l' in the codebase and was wondering why there's an 'l' and 'showLabel' option ... The question is how can I configure a node to do that automatically, i.e., that becomes the default? Setting it in the editor each time is kinda manual-much-work solution!

Edit: ok hacked it by doing this:

    defaults: {
      name: {
      l: { value: false }

in the nodes definition in the html file ... now when I pull it in, it's mini by default

Edit2: don't use showLabel: false - just realised that 'l' being false is plenty.

On further investigation it looks like the property "l" can be true, false or undefined (= true). Undefined is presumably for backwards compatibility.

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