Toggling node label using keyboard shortcut


As of 0.20 we now have the ability to toggle the node label for individual nodes. This is wonderful from a standpoint of economy of screen real estate, and I've started updating some of the instances I run to take advantage of it. Being a fan of mapped keyboard macros for faster editing I went to check the keyboard mapping to toggle this instead of going 3 clicks deep on each node and was surprised to see that toggling the label of selected nodes isn't an option.

Would it be possible for toggling node labels of the selected nodes via keyboard shortcut to be added to the roadmap?


If your goal is to change the label display for lots of nodes at once, you could try (brute force, high-risk, untested) to edit the flow file and insert the property "l": false before the name property of each node whose name you want to hide. (This is based on a quick look at one flow file and could be way off the mark.) :thinking:


A mass edit of your flows file would be a hacky way of doing it.

The editor does have an option in its settings for what the default should be - label shown or hidden - for nodes that don't otherwise express a preference.

It would be simple enough to add an action to toggle that value without having to open up the settings dialog - just as there are for toggling the grid visibility. Once there's an action, it will appear in the keyboard settings dialog so you'll be able to bind whatever keyboard shortcut you want.