Size of dashboard tiles

i am interesting about if is possible to change width and height of default grid of dashboard tiles. For this moment width/height for one tile is 48px, if there are more then 2 tiles then need also count space 6px per tile. So is there chance to change it somewhere in node red configuration?

thank you



Hi @Antrac1t - welcome to the forum.

If you open the Dashboard sidebar in the editor and go to the 'Site' tab, you'll see where you can set the default grid size.

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Hi knolleary,
yes that's what i need thank you ! ... and now i feel like totaly dumb that i didnt find it ,i thought that it will be more complex :slight_smile:

Hint - don't try to go too small - anything below about 30 will start to really cramp up / mess up the widgets themselves.

thx, good advice

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