Sizing dash for multiple devices

I've increased my dashboard grid sizes from the default as follows, to display TWO columns with larger buttons, for tablets around the house:


Otherwise, it shows three thin columns with buttons that are a bit tricky to press on screens that size.

Problem is, on iPhone the single column display is way too wide, and you have to scroll left and right just to see labels etc. Also you can't zoom out to show the whole page. See below:

I'm not complaining (I don't see it as a bug) - but does anyone have any suggestions to solve this?

NOTE: If I try other combinations of col width and widget size to make Dashboard fill the screen with 2 columns on one device, it always causes the iphone display problem. And if I make it look good on iPhone, then the display is far too small to use on tablet.

There is no more tricks that widest card size should fit into smallest screen you are using. Other size related configuration must be done with accepting that size limitation.