Slider control doesn't show balloon

Hello everybody,

on one of my node-red setups the slider show up with a ballon, like this:

On another system, the ballon with the value doesn't show up:

The style of both sliders is set to "Auto".
There are no CSS classes set.

After moving the slider, the dot of the "broken" configuration increases in size like this:

On both systems I'm running v2.2.2

Thank You for every hint!

Are you looking at those two in a browser on one PC or are you using different browsers? If so it may be the browser that is the difference.

Alternatively are you using the same version of node-red-dashboard?

The balloon shows up if your slider is set to output "only on release" and not on "continuously while sliding".

You can have two sliders on the same tab/group, one with the balloon and one without. So it's clearly not related to browser or NR version

I don't know if this is a design decision or a bug.

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