Slider should send current value if its clicked again

Hi - I'm using slider nodes to control bulb dimmer levels. The bulbs needs to be on in order to change their dimmer level, so my slider output is linked to a function node to turn it on when the slider is moved to a new value, and to another function node to set various bulb parameters (that happens with a 150ms delay in order to make sure the bulb has had time to come on).
This works great, except if you click on the same dimmer level value because in this case the slider node does not send anything. So if the bulb is off, it stays off.

This request is to have the slider node still always output the value even if its the same value that it last output i.e. if its set to 25 and I click the slider at 25 again it should output 25 instead of not outputting anything.

I can understand there may be uses cases for the current behaviour i.e. no change in slider position = no output required, so maybe this could be implemented as a node configuration switch for the user to select i.e. Always output value even if same as last - enable or disable.

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How do you get to the state where the bulb is off but the slider is at 25? That should not be possible as you have described the operation, unless I am missing something.

I have bulb-off buttons :wink:
I have bulb-on buttons too, but its more user friendly to click the dimmer slider and that turns bulb on in one go.

Make it so the slider gets sent to zero when the off button is pressed, then it correctly shows the current state.

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Hi Collin - I can make that work to a degree, so thx for the suggestion :+1:

The issues are that the slider moves to left most position when the bulb is turned off, rather than remaining at the level the bulb is set to, and will go back to if the on button is pressed. I'd have to keep level value state and return the slider to that when on is pressed.

I've also got a toggle function in use so will need to add logic to check when the bulb is off or on.

So all a bit more complicated than having an option in the slider node to always send selected value, even if it is the same as the current value :wink:

Why not just click the on button instead of the slider then?

Setting the slider value via its input to 0 made no difference - its ability to send an output seems to be related to the current slider position.

The level value range of the bulb is 20 to 250. So they way I will work around this is to have the slider start at 0 rather than 20, where 0 is off. The user will have to select a higher value to turn the bulb on.

I still think that there should be an option in the slider config to enable sending of its value even if when its the same value as the last is clicked.

I am not saying there shouldn't be such an option, just looking for workarounds for you.

Hi Colin - not prob and thx for your input. At least setting it to 0 as you suggested on bulb off makes current behaviour a bit more intuitive from a user perspective.

click function is certainly something we can look at.

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Thx to the both of you for replying :+1:

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