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I have a smart plug (ZOOZE). I installed smart tuya node on node red but I found that I can't connect to the device if I don' have the device key.

Have you an idea how can I find the device key?

Thank you

See the documentation of the tuya node, it is quite convoluted.

I think most people who use tuya, shelley, sonoff etc devices in a node-red environment reflash them with Tasmotta, ESPEasy or something similar and communicate via MQTT.

If you use Alexa you can control tuya devices via node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2

This is easier than finding the key

I don't have alexa

You will need to follow the guide instructions to get the key, or flash the devices. I can't help you there as i took the alexa root.

I agree with one exeption, shelly origin firmware supports mqtt, so no need to change the firmware. And you can take advantage of the smartphone app.

Is there no danger of it phoning home?

Unfortunately you cannot flash all tuya devices. Not all of them are esp8266 based. Not even all tuya light bulbs are.

What do you mean by phoning home?
By the shelly app you can disable the cloud access.
Something that all Chinese devices do not allow and this is danger.

Right, Unfortunately I ordered one of them. As soon as I can get the compatible esp chip I'll replace the original one.

See unsupported devices:

While the process is rather long winded, it is possible to do. tuyapi/ at master · codetheweb/tuyapi · GitHub

However, if you read here ... When disabling a node doesn't (Tuya-smart) you will see that finding a node that works correctly is also not straightforward, unfortunately. This particular node does work, with the exception discussed.


I configured the deviceId and key with tuyacli for tuya outlet in the node-red tuya-smart-node but it always says "disconnected" - don't get any feedback.

Could you help me please.

Thank you

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