SMS Error: client disconnecting when reconnect power

Hi, I need help when I used the SMS Output node from node-red-node-library I send msm normally, but when my gateway disconnect from the power supply and reconnect it, only this node not function normally send me a message:

msg : error
"Error: client disconnecting"

But when I Deploy my flow the node SMS Output function normally.
How can I resolve the problem when I reconnect the gateway SMS Output function always normally?

Library: node-red-node-library


SMS Output
This node sends Short Message Service (SMS) messages. Only available to the gateway with cellular module.

I can't find a reference to that node in the node red nodes site. Can you tell us where to find information about it please?

It's a library that comes on a gateway IOT-G65

In that case I think you may have to ask on a forum related to that device.

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