[solved] Intermittent behavior of Telegram bot

Good afternoon guys,

I'm using node-red-contrib-telegrambot version 4.4.2 and overall it performs well, albeit that It does not reacts reliably. I use it to ask for status information.

It has a few 'commands':

  • /Start
  • /home
  • /help

Now sometimes it reacts immediately, other times it does not react at all, most of the time intermittently. Anyone has had similar experience (and hopefully a solution)?


If you look at the issue list for teh node on github you will find https://github.com/windkh/node-red-contrib-telegrambot/issues/74 which was closed because they couldn't reproduce it.

Perhaps you could add your details to the issue and work with the developer to problem solve it.

Thanks for the pointer moose, I reported it there as well.

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I think I may have found it. When I open one of my four command nodes, i can choose the bot name. When I open the drop-down list I see three bots with the same name; presumably because early in the process I've been heavily testing... The two commands that where working made use of the second of the three choices (again: with the same name). The other ones used the third entry. I changed the last two now so they make use of the second bot-choice.

Up until now they have not missed a beat!


Yes, you can only have one app controlling one bot id otherwise it doesn't work.

I've added a suggestion on how to provide an ID check to the admin UI in the issue.

I saw that TI, I will close this topic and wait for Julian to solve it in his software. My direct problem has been solved.
Thanks for participating all,

Having said that, I cannot for the life of me find a way to close a topic, is that even possible on this forum, or do we just 'leave them hanging'?

You can just add "[Solved] " to the start of the title so that people know that there is an answer.

If that's the common practice here, I will adhere of course.