Telegram node problem. Have to spam command to work

Hi, I just made a telegram bot for simple interatctions. It kind of works but
for the commands to be recognized and trigger a response I have to literally spam the commands like 5-20 times in the telegram channel until I get a response.

The flow says "polling" most of the time. Sometimes "polling error" and sometimes "connected". During connected the command seems to trigger the response.
Polling rate is 300

hope someone has an idea

You may be using the same bot token on another machine? or instance

no, only using the bot in this flow

okay yeah....lmfao. There was a second bot with the same name and token...
am dumb.. ignore xD

That is normal.

I only have one output node that says connected. The rest all say polling.

But the connection is very reliable.

Have you turned on the additional logging to the Node-RED Log?

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