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There is some command for read and check the polling status/error for telegram Function ?


You should expand on the description of your issue if you want any help. Remember, no one but you knows what you are doing/attempting to do, what nodes you are using what your flow looks like, what problem you are running into.

Polling_error Dear Zenofmud,
thanks for your reply. I have not issue, but I would like to know if there is some register inside telegram flow sender is the connectio of internet is ok or not. In fact in this case from node red the the receiver flow show a Polling error as picture attached.
Thanks for your help.

You could try adding acatch node connected to a debug node (set to display the 'Complete msg object') on the same tab and see what that provides.

Or/and a Status node.

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As mentioned by @Colin the status node will do the trick. Just be careful to understand the meaning of the status provided by the Telegram nodes. When it is connected (green) surely it is all right. However when it is "pooling" (also green) is not necessarily a problem. Telegram node will change the "pooling" status to "connected" when it receive or send messages.

PS: and "pooling error" (red) status is really bad.

Thank to all for support.

When I have polling error, I have the following return debug:

I don't see any other information

Change the debug node to show Complete Message.

OK ,Thanks to all for help

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