Polling error on node-red-contrib-telegram-bot

Hi i'm encountering this strange polling error, ive used this package for many other projects but only encountering it now.

its the only instance of node-red running in the network.

I assume you mean node-red-contrib-telegrambot? Which I think was updated not so long back and is working here. I'm using v15.1.7

yea.. i have it running on my test PC without any issue. running it on my clients PC however gives this error. i tried reinstalling node-red and node-js but gets the same thing.
Hoping there's a better solution just swapping the whole PC. :sob:

I'm afraid that you will need to raise an issue on windkh/node-red-contrib-telegrambot: Telegram bot nodes for node-red. (github.com) for the author to look at.

Regardless of the reason, it is best practice to catch errors like this to give more directed help and instructions to users.

I imagine that there might be some kind of security software or gateway interfering with the request.

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