Node red telegram polling error

Good day
I am using node red contrib telegram but i have been stocked at this error "polling error " on the telegram nodes i have looked online but i cant seem to fine a way out please some one help. I have connected it to my bot on my phone but it cant work.

What is the polling interval ?

I have seen this happen too. Not sure the exact cause but have you checked the configuration nodes to ensure there is only 1 bot configured?

Otherwise, a re-deploy usually fixes it for me.

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There is no interval

Yes i have just my bot connected i wanna try to connect it again maybe i made a mistake in the API

You can only connect a bot once so if you have copied your bot to a 2nd flow, that might cause the issue?

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I have just one telegram flow sometimes it response but some other times wen i pass a comman it will not respond

No additional info in the Node-RED log?

What is your network like? And your Internet connection? Basically, the error is telling you that the node cannot reach the Telegram server I think and that would normally be a network issue.

I think the problem is that it remains in the polling error state, regardless of network status.

I've had the same problem with errors on a few flows that report status changes/updates to me via telegram I've just had to restart the flows for a second time in 24hr's. Hopefully it is just a telegram network issue that'll be rectified, as the errors have been 400's.

FYI: I just ran into this and I think the issue was I had two diferent devices on my network both running NR and talking to the same bot. Took the telegram bot out of the flows in one NR and the problem seems to have gone away.

I currently not needing to use those flows and have turned them off. I will check next time I have a play with NR, I'm fairly certain I had a seperate bot for each flow though as they were both monitoring looking and reporting on different status changes.

Yes, you can only have one process driving a bot.

Completely "out of the blue", the polling error magically appeared again. No change in configs anywhere.

Did a redeploy and nothing else, now back connected again.

I note that the Telegram API has just been updated so maybe that was the issue.

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I'm having the same issue (polling stalls and never recovers). Any update on this?

I'm not experiencing any issues on any of my bots. Are you sure that you don't have >1 controller trying to control 1 bot?

Also, which node are you using?

It is being looked into by the node author at the moment. There are a few of us who are having issues, but not much to go on at this stage.

The few people complaining on GitHub (me being one) all seem to be running RPi, so it may even be something crazy like an under-voltage issue with the RPi causing a hiccup in network services. Although that wouldn't explain why the connection doesn't re-establish itself.

Have you checked for under-voltage issues?

I just started in these days and installed everything new so it should be all up-to-date.

I am having same issue mostly at power up. I have telegram "COMMAND" nodes that connect fine and "SENDER" nodes that are giving "POLLING ERROR" issue.
Polling time 1000.

If I redeploy all works fine.

I have 2 tabs and 14 nodes using the bot and just one single bot configured.
Any help appreciated.

Any help you may get will probably come from the issue on github ...