[Solved] Putting Pictures into Flow share

Hi All, I'm having trouble getting a flow I've tried to share to also include the pictures or update the text and fix a couple of typos.

Flow is here https://flows.nodered.org/flow/4b3f2cd44ebfa4689ec13c34dc576d56

When viewed on GitHub;

Here the text is correct and the pictures are included it has been a few years since I did some web page coding but it looks to be correct.

Anyone got any ideas? is there a sync time between the flow.nodered.org and the GitHub site?

Not sure if github allows external embedding, did you format markdown like:


I've now added two lines

## The Project
<p><img src="http://brewpse.co.uk/GitHub/2020-04-03_08.11.58sm.jpg"></p>

In Github the image displays twice sadly on the flows page it's still not working and not showing these links.

Put the image on imgur and share it from there. I have had the same issues in the past, i think github does not allow external embedding.

You have used the url for the image's page on github - not the raw image itself.

Change the url to https://github.com/Brewj/Node-Red_QLab/raw/master/2020-04-03%2008.11.58.jpg and it should work

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This is how i do it...

  • go to your gist in github https://gist.github.com/__your_github_username__
  • find the gist of interest
  • at the bottom there will be a comments section - paste your image into there then copy the resulting markdown

NOTE: you dont need to save the comment!

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Thanks all cracked, it combination of all of the above and this little button which I'd missed!Screenshot 2020-05-18 at 16.13.24

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