[Solved] Upgrade to 0.19.5 went badly. Need a little help


I attempted to upgrade to 0.19.5 and ran into issues with the email node. It required I upgrade node.js. I'm currently stuck with node.js 10.13.0 and node-red 0.19.5. Unfortunately I'm now stuck at waiting for nodes: sqlitedb and sqlite. But have been reinstalled and install okay.

3 Nov 09:17:44 - [info] Waiting for missing types to be registered:
3 Nov 09:17:44 - [info]  - sqlitedb
3 Nov 09:17:44 - [info]  - sqlite

Is there an extended debug I can turn on that can help me with this?



In a terminal cd into the directory where your flow file is for a pi or other linux this is usually .node-red then run

npm list node-red-node-sqlite
npm list -g node-red-node-sqlite

tell us what you see, or even better copy/paste the results (text copy/paste, not screenshot).



Okay, I'll stand in the corner and hang my head in shame. I never installed the node-red-node-sqlite module. Rather I installed the sqlite and sqlitedb modules.

It's working perfectly now. Thanks Colin.



Glad to be of help. :slight_smile: