Some useful wee bits of code from my Node-red datalogge

Folks may find this interesting and useful

Uses Hubitat Elevation MakerAPI

Grabs all device details periodically of when poked from Hubitat Elevation


As an aside I would really like a Rule Machine trate limiting option. I manage this currently as shown above with a cancelable timer. Does anyone have a better idea?
Also how about allowing a response from an HTTP request to be assigned to a variable in RM.

var msg1 = {};
var devs = [];

var a = {};

var obj = {};
var names = [];
var values = [];

for(j = 0;j < msg.payload.length;j++)
    var label = msg.payload[j].label;
    var name = msg.payload[j].name;
    var id = msg.payload[j].id;
    a  = msg.payload[j].attributes;
    var dev = {}; = id;
    dev.label = label; = name;
    dev.attributes = a;
    devs.push( dev );


msg1.payload = devs;

return msg1;

Then a function for each device for selecting data

var msg1 = {};

var devicelabel = "Outside Heat Index";

msg1.topic = devicelabel;

var obj = {};
var names = [];
var values = [];

for(j = 0;j < msg.payload.length;j++)
    //node.warn( msg.payload[j]);
    if( msg.payload[j].label == devicelabel)
        obj = msg.payload[j];
        var a = obj.attributes;
        for(i = 0;i < a.length;i++)
            var val = a[i];
            obj[] = (val.currentValue == 999 ? 0 :  val.currentValue);            
        msg1.payload = obj.attributes;
        msg1.payload.devicelabel = devicelabel;


return msg1;

I have a Hubitat Elevation Hub with a mix of Shelly plus various other Arduino, Zigbee Xiaomi and Sonoff devices. No Zwave so far, quite a few polled LAN based Arduino and Shelly devs.

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dunno if it's just for me, but none of your images are showing...

I see them fine,. Try clearing your browser cache.

Yup, works now, I guess editing the links does wonders :smiley:...

I'm not seeing the cancelable timer. The delay node has a rate limiting option.

Not sure what you mean. Also not sure what RM refers to.

Hi @nickatredbox, welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing.

In the interest of sharing, here is how I think those 2 functions could be cleaned up and combined into 1...


Note: the below is untested & I had to guess the label names - they will need adjusting. Hopefully though it gives you some tips

const reformatted = => {
    return {
        label: e.label,

let msg1, msg2, msg3
const OutsideHeatIndex = reformatted.find(e => e.label === "Outside Heat Index")
const HouseHumidity = reformatted.find(e => e.label === "House Humidity")
const DeviceHeatingPower = reformatted.find(e => e.label === "Device Heating Power")

if (OutsideHeatIndex) {
    msg1 = { payload: OutsideHeatIndex}
if (HouseHumidity) {
    msg2 = { payload: HouseHumidity}
if (DeviceHeatingPower) {
    msg3 = { payload: DeviceHeatingPower}

return [msg1, msg2, msg3];

Some more tips...

  1. Use the monaco editor (default editor in node-red v3.0.2) - it will show you things like undeclared variables
  2. Try to use const and let instead of var
  3. Read up on and array.find functions