Sorry, but requesting help with what these nodes are

I have been doing some tidying up (which is kind of ironic if I am asking this) and I see some weird config nodes.

Screenshot from 2022-02-24 17-20-05

Sorry, but I don't get what they are.
I kind of get that they were imported with some nodes I imported.
They were (probably) listed. I just didn't quite get what it meant, and if they were *mission critical to the working of the node I'm importing.

Have you tried using the Search feature to search for musicpi, config-log etc?

(That would be too easy, huh?)

I'll try but I don't know what it will tell me if I find anything.

Ok, going a level higher, I search for config. It only shows me what I have already seen in the config tab.

Opening one of the nodes I see this.

But it doesn't mean anything to me.

This is showing me where the log is saved - I think. But a log of what?
And made by who?

It is obviously used (as it has a 1 in the config list) - so grab the nodes ID and search that.

PS, was config-log not a clue?

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Sorry @Steve-Mcl ... Brain is really not happy with me today.
I did about 15/16 hours yesterday on the computer. Went to bed about... 22:00 local. Woke up at 01:00 local and didn't get back to sleep until 04:00 local. Then woke up again at about 07:00 local.

Its now 18:42 and this afternoon's effort is about 5 hours.

I didn't think to use the info tab as you showed.

How did you get that info from the screen shot though?

  • If you mean - how do i have a node called MusicPI (am i spying on you?)
    • NO - I guessed config-log was a flogger node so added one called MusicPI to demonstrate how to do this. It could have been some other node on your system - the point was to demonstrate the steps
  • If you mean how did I copy the node ID from info tab to search...
    • follow the steps
    • at step 4, CTRL+C to copy ID
    • at step 5 Press CTRL+F (to invoke the search dialog) then paste in the node ID

That part is still vague to me and not used.

Ok. I get that and kind of see the association.

Strange (maybe?) that I was importing nodes to get flows the same on all machines.
These were just basic nodes and I remember seeing config-node being mentioned.
I really didn't want to over think it as I was really wanting to get the code updated as the existing was OLD.
I can't understand that. But as I don't really have specifics, I should stop yapping.


Ok, this is what I think I saw which made me ask the question:

As I am exporting a MQTT node (possibly not a good idea) it will take it's config with it. Yes.

Is that a question?

I'm discussing what has been gleemed to me by @Steve-Mcl when I looked at the nodes I was exporting and want to make sure I am correct in this thought.

It can help if you use question marks when asking questions. The answer is yes, if you export a node that uses a config node then that will be exported too, as you could easily see from the export dialog contents.

Yeah, I think most of the stuff I was transplanting were standard nodes. But now and then a MQTT node would sneak in as well.

And after it happened a few times something upstairs flagged it as What's going on here? and so I got dragged down that rabbit hole.

(It sucks being skinny. I fall further than most down these rabbit holes) :slight_smile:

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