Spacer problem with configuration/s

I have only just (today) brought a new RasPi online to replace an older one.

I imported (well installed) the flow from the older machine and put it in/on the new one.

I have done a bit of work tidying up things and now when I press the DEPLOY button I get this:

So I scroll down the list on the right but how do I find which node/s to which these messages apply?

None of them show a red triangle.

RasPi 3B+
NR 2.2.2

Have a look at this topic

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Updating now.

Fingers crossed. :wink:

Alas, not working.

Updated the dashboard to the latest... Restarted NR.

Still happening.


Did you clear the cache in the browser (via the browser menus, not just keys) and refresh the page?

I'll give it another go.

(Should have thought of that.)

I opened a private session.
Moved a node, pressed DEPLOY.... Same error.

To recap what is now:
NR 2.2.2
Dashboard 3.1.6
RasPi 3B+

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