Start Up Not Working

Hello, Im having some trubles with the start of node red. Basicaly don´t start. It shows me this error.

I don´t know what happend, yesterday was working fine.
Thanks, Lucas

When did you install node-red-contrib-tedious? And what is it supposed to do?

I don{t know what it its and I don´t remember istalled.

Is your node-red accessible via the internet, or only on your local network?

its in local network

I do not know what that node is either but it's entry on describes it as

A Node-red node wrapping tedious.

The tedious node will execute any input given.

If an unknown node with such a sparse and sinister description appeared on my computer I would suspect that I'd been hacked.

tedious is a real thing, see tedious - npm.

" Tedious is a pure-Javascript implementation of the TDS protocol, which is used to interact with instances of Microsoft's SQL Server."

@LucasPeluso I don't understand how you can be using that without knowing that you are doing so.

Regardless of anything else, please do raise a GitHub issue against the node because it should not crash like that with an untrapped error.

Issues · rasmusln/node-red-contrib-tedious (

I have marked it as 1-star in the flows site due to the crash and lack of meaningful description.

Perhaps I should have said
If an unknown node appeared on my computer I would suspect that I'd been hacked, especially if it has only a one-line description in

I see that the node in question has had exactly 1 download in the past week.

But it only has 12 commits, all from a short time period in March/April 2020. Either it does all that the author @rasmusln wants or they abandoned it.

@LucasPeluso, I would strongly suggest that you chose a more popular node if you want to interact with MS SQL.

The error was the node of MS SQL, I will Change it,
What node do you recommend for MSSQL?

I believe that this is the one usually recommended. node-red-contrib-mssql-plus (node) - Node-RED

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