Status node to send status at regular intervals

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I was exploring the status node and found that there was no option to configure intervals of the status being sent. Is there any way possible to do that?

Hi @Josh

The status node reacts to changes to the nodes you focus it on (providing these nodes set a status)
I can't see any benefit, for it to report the same status at an interval.

What would your reason for this be?
The status node will trigger, when a status change happens.

If you wanted to do it however, you can use the trigger node after it, and set it to resend the message at your desired interval

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Thanks @marcus-j-davies for the reply. I am looking in on a situation where I need to get the status whenever I need them. From your reply I am got into thinking that I can update the state in a context every time and poll the status whenever I need them.

Much appreciated reply !! Thanks

When the status is reported use a change node to save it to context storage (or other storage). Then you can poll the storage for the current status.


Thanks @E1cid for the suggestion.

There was a long thread about this last week. Make the status node have an input


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