Stop Node-Red randomly


I have a NodeRed installation:

  • Node-RED version: V1.3.5
  • Node.js: V16.9.1
    running on:
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)
    autostarted from Task Scheduler and suddenly it stops without any cause.

The log says:
20 Sep 14:51:09 - [info] Stopping flows
20 Sep 14:51:11 - [info] Stopped flows
Terminate batch job (Y/N) ? 20 Sep 17:49:06 - [info] Stopping flows

Any idea?

When you say it suddenly stops, are you doing anything with the PC at the time?

How often does this happen?

Hi Colin, thanks for your answer.

I'm doing nothing, I use it once a week or so, and it happens randomly... or not.
Always on Friday 9-Aug, 30-Aug and 20-Sep. and always between 14:50 to 15:10. I'll check this.

I've seen that when I restarted NodeRED, node.js change its version automatically.
From 16.6.1 to 16.8.1 to 16.9.1. Is it good?


You must have automatic upgrades enabled somehow. I don't use Windows so can't help with how that might be. Very likely it is associated with that.

When you say you use it once a week do you mean that node red is not running the rest of the time, or that node red is running all teh time but you only interact with it once a week?

I'll try to figure out, thanks!

I use the computer once a week, but NodeRED is working 24/7 communicating with PLC's and sending messages by Telegram.

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