Stopping a GrovePi sensor with a button using Node-RED


(sorry for my english, im from brazil) Im using a GrovePi board with a ultrasonic sensor attached, the sensor sends values to my graph and i want to stop this with a dashboard button, im trying to stop using a button who send msg.status = 1 and msg.status = 0 when press. i will put the images of what im trying to do, thanks for the support.!



Ola Gabriel, seja bem vindo.

Please have a look on below link. I believe it will meet your requirements.

Simple gate to switch on and off a flow

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Thank you so much, problem solved here!



I am glad you found a solution. I had not understood your problem clearly, or I would have suggested that it could be solved a bit more simply using either node-red-contrib-traffic or a node I have developed but not yet published, node-red-contrib-gate. My node can be downloaded from GitHub and installed locally with npm; if you use it please post any feedback you might have.

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