Strange behavior dashboard

Strange dashbord behavior that I can't understand,
when I put the clock on the dashbord just gives me the clock.
I'm just playing with the Layout but it doesn't justify the change.
Could it be the formatting????
flows (1).json (56.6 KB)

Can you explain this a bit more, it doesn’t make any sense to me. :confused:

Hello zenofmud
when I try to put the clock (digital and analog clock) does not appear on dashboard.
It could be the dashboard formatting or I updated node red to V3.0.2

Can you open my flow and put the clock and check if it appears on the dashboard??.
Thank you very much.
flows (1).json (56.6 KB)

Try this:

  1. Select the inject and two clock nodes and export them to a file.
  2. stop node-red
  3. start node-red using node-red clock-test
  4. import the flow you just saved
  5. deploy and see what happens

When you have an issue you should provide some basic information

  • node-red and node.js version (youcan get these from rthe startup log)
  • platform and OS (like Raspberry Pi 4 running Bullseye)
  • back up your flow and slim it down to show only the issue (this might help you to figure it out yourself)

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